Education is a means to empower yourself. It is not the be all and end all BUT it does give you a platform. Knowledge is a tool and studying is a vehicle to further your knowledge. It is essential that we don't continue to be a society where people's voices aren't heard due to a lack of money.


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  • I was born on the 6th of March 1997 in the KwaZulu Natal Province and I am currently living in Alexandra, Johannesburg. I am 20 years and I am a kind, open, generous and helpful person.....READ MORE


    I love to learn new things in life and I am always on social media since it is an easy way to connect and learn new things daily. Most of all I like to help where I can because it lets me easily connect to people.


    I grew up in a family of five siblings, me being the fourth child. My parents passed away in the year 2006. My mom was always by my side and this made my childhood more fun as she took care of all my needs. She raised me as a single mom. I always had time to spend with my family and l also made a few friends along the way. Each time my birthday arrived l knew that I would be treated like a princess because my mom always bought me a cake. I really had a lot of fun and enjoyed my childhood. My mom passed away when l was nine and since then, most of my close relatives made it a point that l felt like the rest if the kids who had both their parents.


    I started school in Tebogo Primary School in the year 2004 when l was seven years old. Throughout my primary level, l never failed any of the grades. At my primary level, l learnt to be responsible in always having to do a few chores every day after school before being able to play with friends. I began my high school in 2011 by then l was doing my grade 8. Life got very tough as l had to study by myself. I had to choose smart friends who were focused so that we could advise each on things that benefit us mostly and bring out the best results. My school was very far and had to catch a taxi to get there. I was one of the top students at my school and at some point l was appointed as a class monitor because l was very responsible. I put so much effort into my school work as l was determined to achieve good results. I passed all my grades but then did not end up making it through my final matric exams. That did not put me down, l stood up and dusted myself off then registered at Wits to upgrade my Physical Science mark.


    Since we are a big family, the available income is not sufficient to cover all my school needs. I sometimes get stranded and end up skipping some classes as you are not allowed to attend without any payment. I used to depend on the Forster Care Grant but since last year it has been cut off. I do not have any other source of income besides the social grant from SASSA. I find it very difficult to pursue my dream without the means to make it come to life. We all depended on my mother for financial support and ever since she left, life has become more and more difficult. I sometimes get help from my neighbours but they aren’t able to help on a daily basis. With unstable financing, life is really difficult.


    Education is the most important tool that offers inner and outer strength to a person.  It is the fundamental right of every person and has the capability of bringing much desired change and upliftment to society. Through Education we receive knowledge from the rest of the world and it helps us build opinions and have points of view on important issues in life. It’s not just about lessons in textbooks, but also about lessons of life. We are incomplete without Education because it makes us able thinkers and good decision makers. Education provides solutions to many problems and it promotes good habits.


    South Africa is one of the richest countries on the continent. As the youth of South Africa it is our responsibility to be involved in the financial, medical, agricultural and technological departments of our country. It is also our duty as South African citizens to make sure we start to manufacture more of our products in this country. We ought to encourage our local businesses and stop being bias, prejudice and jealous towards each other.  For a better South Africa we have to be united and work together to achieve more.




  • I attended Marlboro Gardens combine School for three years up to third grade then I had to move due to financial problems...READ MORE



    I moved to Eldorado Park and went to Mcbain Charles Primary. I then attended Kliptown Secondary School and matriculated at Kliptown. I failed my matric the first time around but decided to rewrite my matric exams and passed.


    Growing up wasn’t easy due to being exposed to crime continuously but with the mentorship from my great-grand father and the support of my grandmother, aunt and coach Sam from Growing Champions I'm the person that I am today.


    While I was growing up I was dealt a lot of blows by life. It wasn't easy but once I learnt not to be afraid of the blows and rather to fight like a champion, I realised these challenges have helped me become the determined, focused and responsible person I am today.


    My father went to prison when I was young so I never had a family in a position to support me financially. My grandad believed in me and cared for me like a father. He motivated me and his love and example inspired me to be the best I could be. He told me I must not let my past determine my future. He wanted me to be a Change Maker. A man who made his mark in the world and let it better than it was when I was born.


    In 2012 tragedy struck. My grandfather was murdered.

    My heart was torn ripped into pieces. I felt like the light inside me had been blown out. I was angry at the world and could only think of revenge. My heart was filled with hatred and sometimes I felt such self hate because I couldn’t save him that I didn’t want to live.

    This battlefield raged on inside my heart and mind for two years.


    In 2014, I joined Growing Champions Mentoring Programme. Through the process of personal development work I realised all the anger in the world couldn’t bring my grandfather back but he could certainly live on through my achievements. I would embrace life in his honour. Inside the Growing Champions Team I found my purpose which is to build and serve.


    I started to play soccer at Growing Champions Football Club (G.C.F.C.) and joined their outreach programme. As a contributor I ran Gift of the Givers marathon for charity.


    Matric hit me hard in 2015. I had never learnt how to study effectively or been taught study skills. On top of that I was also playing competitive league football throughout the year. I failed my Matric but won Player of the Year and Most Committed Player from GCFC. I was angry as I felt I let my family down by not passing my matric. It felt like a blow of shame I couldn’t recover from and I wanted to give up. Coach Sam sat me down and talked me through this painful time of confusion and disappointment. This motivated me to pulled myself together and fight.

    I rewrote my Matric and passed.


    After Matric I had to find employment to provide for myself. I worked at a Nike Store and took Top Salesman position. I left because of a transfer issue I had my managers which made transport to work impractical. I'm unemployed but not sitting home. I'm in pursuit of my driver’s license, do volunteer work to encourage youth born into danger and am looking to find work close to home. My dream is to obtain an international degree in Business Management, Sports Management and, Travel and Tourism and become a true Change Maker.




Community support is important to the journey we are taking with the students in every way. Our mission is to support all the students we partner with holistically. Once we reach the budget for the students who are a part of Move SA we are going to branch out to support students that are already receiving funding from other institutions to assist with their additional costs as well as with mentorship.


We are committed to providing a platform to excel for the young people in our country and we look forward to sharing this journey with you



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Our Live and Learn voice archive is a collection of one-on-one discussions that we are building up of people that have excelled in certain fields or overcome big challenges so that anybody can listen to it and learn from those that have walked the road before us.












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